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SuperTrees are the most realistic and perhaps the easiest to use tree armatures available. Pictures don't do justice to the incredible qualities of this material. A SuperTree™ is a natural product; a distant cousin to our desert sagebrush, but with a much more intricate branch structure. SuperTrees™ are mostly ready to use from the package or with minor alterations may be formed and manipulated to style any number of specific tree species. Please see the below chart showing the basic techniques used to create a SuperTree™. As mentioned above, SuperTrees™ are ready to use right from the package but we think that if you follow these easy six steps you'll be even more pleased with the results of your efforts.

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Please see the below chart showing the basic techniques used to create a SuperTree™.

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Remove SuperTrees™ from package and sort by size and shapes. Now's a good time to spray paint the trunks and limbs the desired color. Completely spray tree, stalk and all, in thinned Matte Medium (1:7 ratio) for at least 30 seconds.
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From the Top-Down sprinkle leaf flocking over wet tree until the leaf canopy is to the desired density. Gently turn tree over allowing loose flock to fall into collection tray. Hang the wet tree upside down on a clothes line using a simple clothes pin. Repeat this process for each tree. Return in 1/2 hour or so and give all the trees on the line a good misting of Matte Medium to lock on foliage. Let dry and now you have your completed SuperTrees™.

SuperTreeô Material & Supplies

SuperTree™ Material is packaged by volume and not quantity of trees. As in nature every tree is a different size and dimension therefore some packages may contain slightly large tree but fewer of them and in some instances may be the opposite. In every package, however, every effort is made to assure similar size assortment and tree quantity is provided. Flock sold separately. See Scenic Express Flock & Turf Section.

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